Right out of high school I started a blog. It didn’t last long, and like most blogs, dried up like a mining town. Web crawlers were the principal traffic. This week I reflected on what I wrote for the first time in a few years. It’s strange to see how much has changed, and as strange to see how much hasn’t.

Present in that blog were a shocking number of references to Master Oogway, including this especially disturbing passage:

Drop by drop, pain which could not forget fell upon my heart, but in the throes if my despair, I found wisdom. Master Oogway had come to me, in his turtle form, and delivered his timeless truths. I ate from the juicy mango of his knowledge until it was only a pit that remained in my shriveled and dripping hands.

I honestly don’t remember myself being that weird, but there it is. I definitely had an apter knowledge of CGI turtles, and knew more ActionScript back then.

More relevant

Never a bad idea to situate a thing in the context of its predecessor, and so there’s the context. Since then I’ve gone to a few different colleges, had a few different jobs. I like to think I’ve learned a few things. I’m now deposited in a room in West Philadelphia, a few brick avenues from the Schuylkill.

The point of this site: I have opinions, on tech and otherwise, and like to share them in some cases. Let this blog then handle those cases.