My name is Sam and I like working on hard problems. Computers pose some interesting ones and solve a few others, but really, there are hard problems everywhere.

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Google Cloud, working on the Istio Networking Team.

Before that I interned at Google Cloud a couple of times, once on Kubernetes, where I made this and wrote this, and then on Istio, where I did some useful stuff. I also worked as an intern on trading technologies at Belvedere Trading and ad tech at Amino Payments.

I studied Computer Science at Northwestern University, where did research into On-the-Go Crowdsourcing with the DTR Lab under the supervision of Dr. Haoqi Zhang and Yongsung Kim. Before that, I worked at the Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining Lab and researched recommendation engines under Dr. Olfa Nasraoui at the University of Louisville under this research grant.