My name is Sam and I like working on hard problems. Computers pose some interesting ones and solve a few others, but really, there are hard problems everywhere.

I worked at Google as a Software Engineering Intern a couple of times, once on Kubernetes, where I made this and wrote this, and then on Istio, where I did some useful stuff. I also worked as an intern on trading technologies at Belvedere Trading and ad tech at Amino Payments.

I study Computer Science at Northwestern University. I did research into On-the-Go Crowdsourcing with the DTR Lab under the supervision of Dr. Haoqi Zhang and Yongsung Kim. Before that, I worked at the Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining Lab and researched recommendation engines under Dr. Olfa Nasraoui at the University of Louisville under this research grant.

I’ll be back at Google as a full-time engineer in Winter 2020.